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Month: April 2016

New Electrocoup Pruners, Roberts,Tasmania 2016

 Infaco launched their new Electrocoup electric pruner on the 8th of April, 2016 in France just in time for the Tasmanian pruning season.
  Keeping up with their traditional cadence of releasing a new model once every 5 years there were no surprises when the model was called the Electrocoup F3015. This model is tipped to be the next big thing with regards to power assisted pruning tools in the industry. It certainly is amazing when you look back on the last 30 years and the 7 previous models how the these tools have evolved.

Infaco has spent the last five years working on the new model improving the design and performance of the pruners and had been as tight lipped as ever on what the next generation would offer. Watch the video below to see some of the improvements that have been made,



The 3015 model is a significant evolution from the current 3010 design. While looking superficially similar, beneath the covers lies a major advancement in design, motor and circuitry, powered by futuristic battery technology.


Adjust Blade Overlap Position

  Advanced Motor and Circuitry
New light weight brushless motor & new circuit boards with water resistant coating
New Outer Covers
Soft and comfortable NON SLIP grip
Double sealed water resistant covers
electrocoup-roberts-New Outer Covers
Inner body made up of a special alloy used in aeronautics 
New LED Light System
ON – OFF indicator, Battery life indicator, Troubleshooting aid
electrocoup-roberts-new led light system
electrocoup-tasmania-on off switch
ON-OFF Switch
Power switch on the shear
No more control box
Adjust Half Open Position
Adjust Half Open Position
10 pre-set half open positions
Adjust Blade Overlap Position
Adjust Blade Overlap Position 
10 pre-set blade overlap positions

Post Sown Weed Control in Pastures and Cereals Field Day, Tasmania 2016

Post Sown Weed Control in Pastures and Cereals Field Day, Tasmania 2016
Tuesday 19th April 2016 at  9 – 11 am
‘Greenside’ property (Brian & Jenny Baxter), 163 Baxters Rd, Pipers River.
Field Day-Managing post sown weed infestations in cereals & pasture – including herbicide resistant weed management
Dr Chris Preston – (Associate Professor at Weed Management School, University of Adelaide)
Wednesday 20th April 2 – 4 pm (as per flyer)
‘Ormley’ property (Jamie & Michelle Loane), 3635 Esk Main Rd, Fingal Valley.
Field Day
Controlling Post Sown Weeds in Pastures - Cereals - Fingal V 20.4

Cover Crop Paddock Walk 11 April, 2016

2016 Tasmania Roberts cover crop roadshow

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